An update on air travel from Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE)

September 10, 2020
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September 10, 2020
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An update on air travel from Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE)

Pictured Mike Gula, Executive Director of Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) Ⓟ

2019 proved to be the best year Columbia Metropolitan Airport had seen in over a decade. With 1.3 million+ passengers traveling through the airport, air cargo on the rise, terminal updates taking place + strong community engagement, CAE was cruising on all cylinders.

But – like all industries worldwide – aviation was hit unbelievably hard by COVID-19. To say this season has been a devastating one would be an understatement. The stats have been staggering:
○ In April, all air travel worldwide was down 95%.
○ Business travel is currently down 90%.
○ Globally, the aviation industry has lost $84 billion since March.

For CAE:
○ Parking revenue is down 57%.
○ Airline revenue is down 31%.
○ Tenant revenue (read: rental cars, retail + concessions) is down 30%.
○ CAE is projected to close out the year with only 246,000 enplanements + lose $8 million in revenue.

The Columbia community has proven time and time again to be resilient, and we will bounce back from the effects of COVID-19.

For those considering flying again, CAE needs you now more than ever. And rest assured, we’ve done everything we can to make your trip as safe as possible:
○ increased sanitization measures
○ free masks for travelers
○ PlexiGlass barriers at ticket counters
○ distance markers throughout the airport

Flying is not only safe – it supports one of the area’s largest economic engines. When you’re ready, we’ll be ready to get Columbia back to flying + back to business. 🌎

– Mike Gula, Executive Director of Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) Ⓟ

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  1. Zoom and such sites are replacing traveling for business, flying an expensive time consuming ordeal in comparison. Covid accelerated an existing trend.

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