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Airport Of The Future Is Now

Your next flight could be easier, faster and more fun thanks to recent airport innovations.

(NAPSI)—A new record for air travel was set in 2018, with almost 1 billion people taking to the nation’s skies.

Have you ever wondered when technology will improve flying? Well, the future of airports has landed, and you can expect flying to get better. The first curb-to-gate biometric experience in the U.S. just launched at a major international airport terminal to a positive customer response, potentially changing the future of travel. Flyers can now opt in to a facial recognition system to check baggage, pass security and board the plane without fumbling for ID. And U.S. Customs and Border Protection has deployed facial recognition at 16 international airports to speed passengers through immigration, track visas and keep the nation safe from terrorists.

This technology is made by NEC Corporation, the international leader in facial recognition and biometric technology, and you can expect to start seeing it in numerous airports.

“Facial recognition is transforming the flying experience,” said Raffie Beroukhim, NEC’s Senior Vice President for Advanced Recognition Systems. “Now, passengers can seamlessly move through an airport without ID, making flying faster and more convenient.”

Experts expect numerous airlines to adopt facial recognition because they have a long history of adopting technology that makes flying more convenient. Check-in kiosks, mobile boarding passes and in-flight Wi-Fi are all examples of airlines embracing new tech. In 2007, Continental Airlines introduced mobile boarding passes and virtually all carriers followed suit. In 2017, more than 1.5 billion mobile boarding passes were issued, allowing passengers to bypass long check-in lines.

The benefits of NEC’s facial recognition technology are twofold: improving the traveler’s experience coupled with operational and cost benefits for the airlines.

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