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After school program helps students through tutoring and community support

Pictured: Students at the Evening Acceleration School after school program receive tutoring and extra help during an EAS session. 

CHAPIN – One after school program in Lexington-Richland School District Five is using a collaborative effort to ensure students get the help they need.

Chapin High School’s Evening Acceleration School (EAS) is an after school program that is helping students tremendously with their academics. EAS is a free tutoring program that allows those students who are struggling in certain courses to get some extra help. One math teacher and three Advanced Placement (AP) math senior students help tutor students in math every Tuesday, while a science teacher and foreign language teacher tutor students every Thursday evening.

Mr. Scott Stogner, Chapin High’s Coordinator for EAS, said the program is helping students grades go up while showing them the community cares about them too. “The student’s grades have gone up in the areas they are receiving tutoring in and for some of our students just seeing that people in our community care for them is a great experience in itself,” said Stogner.

EAS is indeed a community effort. St. Francis Assisi Outreach Ministries provided more than $8,500 to fund the program which meets every Tuesday and Thursday. The Chapin Women’s club also has volunteers who bring food and drinks for the students during each session. Providing the meal for students makes a big difference in attendance. It takes the burden off of the student and family so they can truly focus on academic improvement. The funding also provides students transportation from the school to their homes if they need it.

Chapin High’s Evening Acceleration School not only provides students after school tutoring opportunities, but provides a safe, quiet environment for students so they can just simply get homework done or work on projects and other assignments. EAS is currently averaging about 30 students for each session.

Chapin High Principal Dr. Akil Ross said EAS is essential to the success of Chapin High School and shows how great our community is. He said, “Evening Acceleration School allows students to gain individualized instruction which targets their weaknesses.” “The community support for EAS is inspiring with groups like The Chapin Women’s Club and St. Francis Assisi Outreach Ministries coming together to support our students. It truly gives credence to our rally cry, ‘We aRe Chapin!’”






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