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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 in Columbia, SC

GOLDSPEAK WOMEN celebrates INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2019 #BalanceforBetter in Columbia, SC at the Hampton Inn Northeast Columbia/Fort Jackson, with an interactive golden discussion of triumph, discovery, freedom, revelation, success & joy despite facing the many odds that life throws at us.

This is an opportunity open to all women, of all ages, including teen young women to get an opportunity to hope, dream, overcome fears, shame, disappointments, embracing life with the fullness of joy, anticipation, grace and beauty. 

But what is a Goldspeak Woman?  She is a woman who is defined as one who gives of her golden nuggets of wisdom, her precious golden time and friendship in making others finding a better way to live against all odds.  Four Columbia local, kindred-spirited women Juanita, Rosselin, Trisha and Totlyn, come together to share beautiful golden stories of overcoming, becoming whole, being valuable on Friday, March 8.

Juanita McDonald developed her nonprofit organization Re-Discover ME after going through a period of personal loss and re-establishment.  During this time as she began to accomplish personal goals, she soon discovered the extent that women lose their identity and conform to the given titles they carry, which hinders her from fully developing. She speaks on THE RE-DISCOVERY OF THE GOLDEN YOU!

Patricia ‘Trisha’ Mouzon is a 4-year stage 3B colon cancer survivor, and the founder and CEO of Buddyfor2, a non-profit organization whose mission is to prevent the collateral damages resulting from a diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Trisha achieves this through community education and the promotion of early screening. She is also a mentor and support to end-stage cancer patients and their families. After hearing such devastating health news she will explain what it means to be LIVING YOUR LIFE LIKE IT’S GOLDEN! 

 Rosselin Lashell is a  Fashion Icon & Model who had to endure numerous experiences of personal loss, uprooting and re-establishment only to have to face an unexpected challenge of coping with early hair loss (alopecia) and what it meant for her to embrace a new meaning of beauty. Rosselin is the founder of the nonprofit organization No Hair No Fear in today’s world where a woman’s appearance can ‘make or break’ her, Rosselin speaks on EMBRACING YOUR GOLDEN BEAUTY! 

Totlyn Oliver, convener and host of GOLDSPEAK WOMEN, is author of SPEAK TO WIN! an award-winning speaker and broadcaster, who facilitates workshops in interpersonal communication for teens and adults, conflict resolution and negotiation, and is a personal speech coach. Facing and overcoming her personal own challenges of single parenting, family illnesses issues and other losses, Totlyn challenges everyone to find the power in their own voice – in order to tell their stories. Totlyn feels if you do not tell your stories, others will tell it for you and not in the way you will like. She will share golden nuggets in THE GOLDEN POWER OF YOUR FEMININE VOICE!

The event begins at 6:00 pm, with limited seating and tickets are available at and Eventbrite on Facebook. For more information email:

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