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Richland County Transportation Penny Program

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Richland County Transportation Penny Program held the groundbreaking for Phase I of its Innovista project recently at the Greene Street athletic fields.

“This project will be beneficial to the County,” said Torrey Rush, Richland County Council chairman. “Not only will it create safer paths for pedestrians and bikers, but it is an integral step to development along the river.”

Phase I of the project will create improvements to Greene Street, converting it from a four-lane and two-lane roadway to a three-way roadway with sidewalks and dedicated bike lanes from Assembly Street to Gadsden Street. The centerpiece will be at the intersection of Greene Street and Lincoln Street and will feature an urban square in the vicinity of the Colonial Life Arena.

Speakers at the groundbreaking included Rush; Seth Rose, Richland County councilman of District 5; Ed Walton, Chief Operating Officer of the University of South Carolina; Mayor Steve Benjamin and John Hardee, SCDOT Commissioner of the 2nd Congressional District.

“We are proud of all of the partners who have come together to bring this project to fruition under the Richland Penny program,” said Rob Perry, Richland County transportation director.

This is the first major project of the Richland Penny program, which has also completed over 7 miles of dirt road paving thus far in Districts 1, 7 and 9.

The Richland Penny Tax referendum identified $50 million for the Innovista Project under the Special Projects category. Phase II of the project includes Gadsden Street to Huger Street and the Williams Street extension. It also includes a new bridge over the Norfolk Southern and CSX railroads to reconnect Greene Street. Innovista Phase I is a $13 million project with a completion date of summer 2016.

For more information on upcoming projects for the Richland County Transportation Penny Program, visit the website at


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