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Published on August 10th, 2014 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


7 Techniques to Help You Save Money with Technology

As small businesses rely more and more on technology, if your company is like my company, you find yourself spending a bigger chunk of your budget on technology. That’s not a bad thing if you get leverage from technology. In other words, it’s a net positive if that technology helps you sell more, serve customers faster, keep your labor costs in check, be more efficient internally or you somehow otherwise gain from the technology. You end up being much further ahead.

But why spend more money than you need to on technology, right? Here are some tips for how to spend as little as possible on that all-important technology for your business.

Use Evernote to compile lists of discount codes and special offers
How many times have you encountered discount codes or special offers, but soon forget where they are? With the web having so many places today to be online, and people subscribing to so many newsletters, it can be hard to keep track. A web note-taking service like Evernote (which has a free version) can help you keep track of discounts or special offers as you come across them online. But you don’t have to use Evernote for this purpose. There are other tools that help you track notes: OneNote; Simplenote; or Google Keep work well, too. Use whatever you are comfortable with. They simplify your life and can save you money.

Keep your technology an extra generation
Who doesn’t love a new gadget? But today’s computers, tablets and smartphones can often do the job perfectly well for an extra year. Think of all the money you can save by simply stretching the useful life of your technology a bit longer.

Set up alerts for price drops
Your favorite shopping sites may offer an alerts service to notify you of special deals or other changes to items for sale. Also, some third party apps have been created for this purpose. CamelCamelCamel and Unimerc help you track price changes on Amazon. TechBargains offers deal alerts for technology that you can set up based on keywords.

Use a free analytics program to make your online marketing more effective
Too many businesses use technology but don’t get the most from their investment in it. Take, for example, your website. Is your website as effective as it could be? Or is it like a sieve, allowing leads to just run through it without capturing them or letting visitors leave without capitalizing on the traffic that comes to it? Google Analytics is a powerful program. But most users only scratch the surface of what it can do. If you take the time to learn it and customize it to track specific activity on your website, it can deliver insights that will prevent leads and traffic from getting away without capitalizing on it. Your marketing spend will be more effective if you learn to use it.

Subscribe to get daily or weekly tech deals
There are now many places online that offer “deal or the day” or weekly deals or specials. Sign up for newsletters and printed sale flyers from hardware companies like Dell, HP and others. Periodically they offer sales that can be substantial, and if you’re subscribed you will receive notification. eBay has a Deals section of its site. Large office supply stores like Staples have their Hot Deals of the Week for technology that is on sale. Sites like AppSumo offer “daily deals” for software apps and subscriptions. Other sites such as DealNews aggregate hardware deals from many sites across the Web. Often you can sign up to get notified via email or on your mobile device of new deals.

Check partner sections of your vendors’ websites
Quite a few vendors today have “partner” relationships with other companies where they offer a discount. For example, if you use Product X, you might be to get discounts for Product Y because Product Y is a partner.

Hold meetings online; it saves on travel
OK, so this one isn’t exactly about saving money on technology, but it is about using technology to save money elsewhere. The video conference is one of the inventions that can save small businesses thousands and thousands of dollars a year on travel costs. Instead of visiting customers, some meetings can be held via video conference.


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