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5 Students Selected as Tell Them Advocacy Fellows

COLUMBIA, S.C. – 5 young women have been selected as Advocacy Fellows for the Tell Them e-advocacy network. They will be working at the Tell Them office in downtown Columbia with the Tell Them staff for the 2015 legislative session.

The Tell Them Fellows Program was created to train the future organizers and activists in South Carolina, providing them with hands on experiential learning by participating in an active state policy campaign. The Fellow s include Makenzie Slade, Megan Plassmeyer and Nishikwa Mellerson of the University of South Carolina, Tiffany Fishburne of the Arnold School of Public Health, and Nadia Anderson of Columbia College.

“I am thrilled to join this incredible group of women and have the opportunity to bring awareness to reproductive rights in the American South,” said Emma Davidson Tribbs, Associate Director for Strategic Mobilization at Tell Them. “We believe that engaging young people is a key component to enacting positive change.”

While each Fellow will have specific goals and objectives, the Fellowship was designed will provide real-world experience for young people, and train them on how to participate in and run an effective advocacy campaign. Each Fellow will participate in activities that include attending committee hearings and events where pertinent legislation is being discussed and debated, monitoring both traditional and online media coverage and public opinion on targeted issues, and assisting with the design and promotion of dynamic content.

The Advocacy Fellowship was developed to encourage young people to get involved and learn the basics of advocacy campaigns.

About Tell Them

Tell Them is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition committed to creating a stronger, healthier South Carolina by preventing unintended pregnancies, HIV and sexually transmitted infections.  We are a program of the New Morning Foundation, the state’s leading voice on reproductive health policies. Our 10,000 members advocate on behalf of mainstream positions that emphasize prevention, medical accuracy and science. For information, please visit


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