40th Annual Leadership in South Carolina

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January 7, 2020
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January 9, 2020
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40th Annual Leadership in South Carolina

Pictured City Manager Teresa Wilson shares an overview with Leadership South Carolina that gives attendees an inside look at municipal government.

Recently the current class of Leadership South Carolina visited the City of Columbia.

“The Leadership South Carolina Class of 2019 assembles in the Council Chambers of City Hall for a presentation that showcases the City of Columbia’s leaders in industry, government, and healthcare.”

Leadership South Carolina’s main goal and purpose is to educate and enlighten motivated individuals who have demonstrated their commitment and service to the Columbia community. It also gives the City of Columbia the incredible opportunity to showcase its’ City to leaders in industry, government, healthcare and other fields throughout the state of South Carolina. As stated on the Leadership South Carolina’s website:

“Leadership South Carolina believes the best way to positively impact the state is through education and awareness of the most pressing challenges facing South Carolina today, and instilling enthusiasm about tackling these challenges so that beneficial outcomes will be part of our state’s future.

LSC believes that South Carolina must have inspiring leadership if it is to remain competitive and seeks to create motivated community leaders to resolve issues, build positive relationships, and foster healthy development of all parts of the state.”

This year was the 40th year for Leadership South Carolina, making it an honor for the City of Columbia to have had the opportunity to participate. Various City officials and staff members represented Columbia during multiple presentations throughout the day. The group was welcomed by Mayor Pro Tem Tameika Isaac Devine and City Manager Teresa Wilson gave the first presentation titled “A Look at the City of Columbia – A Capital City.” She shared an overview and inside look at municipal government. Throughout the day, city staff members covered topics like public safety, business and development, municipal budgets and other related topics. The class was also taken on a tour to visit city facilities, like the Canal Water Plant, and other sites.

The event was a success and it accomplished the goal of showcasing our City for leaders from across the state of South Carolina. The City of Columbia was able to display its’ best practices in creating a strong, motivated and thriving community.

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