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Published on January 31st, 2019 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Cacao: The Skin’s Cold Weather Countermeasure

Photographer: Jerrica Smith

The winter months can be very harsh on the skin. Everything from acne breakouts to dry, itchy areas can cause severe discomfort and can create skin problems. One of the reasons for this is that during the winter months, the outside humidity level decreases. When cold air hits the skin, the moisture in skin evaporates more quickly; this can easily make skin feel very tight and feel very dry. It is also common for skin to look flaky during this time. Fortunately, there are many skin care facial treatments and many do-it-yourself skin care recipes that can help fight the agonizing skin issues during the colder months.

Facial treatments that can break down free-radicals and can provide anti-oxidant benefits can be a worthy investment for the skin during the winter season. One powerful ingredient that can be used during winter facial treatments is raw cacao. Raw cacao is made from unroasted cacao beans and it is the raw ingredient used to make cocoa powder and chocolate. Raw cacao contains polyphenols called flavonoids that have anti-oxidant effects that can help reverse free-radical damage on the skin. The smell alone of cacao makes the brain release endorphins which can also assist with slowing down the aging process. When combined with a nourishing oil, raw cacao can deliver the needed skin care benefits to combat the winter climate.

One winter facial treatment can be found at TAG Esthetics in which raw cacao is combined with coconut oil to service models and actresses such as Brandy Nicole Maye of Evolution Talent Agency. The treatment infuses an organic raw cacao facial mask with an hour-long facial.

Pictured Model: Brandy Nicole Maye, Agency: Evolution Talent Agency, Photographer: Jerrica Smith

A great winter facial treatment can also be done in the comfort of your own home with a do-it-yourself cacao facial mask recipe. Simply add one tablespoon of coconut oil to three tablespoons of cacao powder in a small bowl. Set the bowl with the ingredients in a larger bowl containing warm water. Mix the ingredients gently as the coconut oil melts and distribute onto the face. Let it sit for five minutes then completely remove the mask with a warm damp towel. Apply moisturizer to complete the at-home facial.

A nourished, healthy glow can be maintained during the bitter wintertime with the proper use of raw cacao. Runway model Carlissa Cook of I Wanna Be A Model Too, discovered the benefits of an appetizing facial and so should you!

Pictured Model: Carlissa Cook, Model Management: I Wanna Be A Model Too, Photographer: Jerrica Smith

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