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Letter to the Editor from SC Human Affairs Commission

Letter to the Editor:

On behalf of the Board of Commissioners for the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission, I want to extend our concern to those involved in the recent and tragic incident in Charlottesville, Virginia. Motivational speaker Les Brown said, “If you don’t stand up for something, you may fall for anything.” Heather Heyer stood up and will not be forgotten for her courage. The State Police who died were working to protect all people and we will not forget them.

The South Carolina Human Affairs Commission urges the citizens of this State to work together when any people face intolerance or discrimination. We all must continue to spread the word about the importance of advancing diversity and inclusion and to respond to hate with a love and a celebration of our differences. This should be our call to action. This should be our plea to every community in this State.

Our Agency was created to promote harmony and goodwill among the diverse people of South Carolina, in part by promoting Community Relations Councils and by eliminating and preventing unlawful discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations. We will continue to promote civility with citizens across this State to bring about respect and dignity for all people.


Raymond Buxton, II


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