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Published on July 26th, 2017 | by Millennium Magazine Staff



During the 67th National Conclave of THE MOLES, Columbia’s Jodi Dials Gallman was unanimously elected National President. THE MOLES is a sisterly organization of African American women with 30 chapters in 16 states and the District of Columbia. The uncontested election was particularly special for Gallman because, as divine intervention would have it, she is, now, the organization’s 19th President and hails from the Columbia Chapter, the 19th Chapter to become affiliated with THE MOLES.

MOLE Sisters personify their acronym: Maturity, Optimism, Loyalty, Enthusiasm, and Sparkle. While primarily a social organization, THE MOLES also serve their communities through scholarships, civic donations and mentorship.

The national organization of THE MOLES was officially chartered in Norfolk, Virginia in 1950.  The Columbia Chapter was formed in 1965 when, due to the segregation laws of the era, African Americans were not allowed to patronize hotels. As a result, these women entertained monthly in each other’s homes. When public facilities were finally desegregated, the Columbia members started hosting First Friday theme parties at various venues in the city. In 1975, the chapter’s “invitation-only” signature event, Labor Day Weekend, began as an end-of-summer getaway for festivities and leisure activities (disco night, formal dance, and the Sunday All-White Party) at beaches along the east coast. As you might guess, their motto is “Enjoy Yourself; It’s Later Than You Think.”

Jodi Gallman has had an amazing journey and earned her special place in the hearts and history of THE MOLES.   Nationally, she served as the organization’s first Protocol Chair: responsible for Conclave logistics. During her tenure she expanded the Memorial service to include the chiming of bells to honor departed Mole Sisters.  She was, then, elected National Publications Chair for two consecutive terms and displayed her creativity with special features added to the annual MOLERAMA that preserved priceless MOLE moments and allowed MOLE Sisters to stay connected.

Gallman was, then, appointed National Chair of the inaugural Chapter Expansion Committee, charged with expanding MOLE membership. She, along with her committee, established process guidelines and created a manual for the organization. With the extensive work demonstrated on this task Jodi was, then, elected National Parliamentarian. In this position, she researched and recorded the bylaw amendments adopted since the printing of the 2009 MOLES Handbook into a handy reference for members.  Her most recent task was completed as Chair of the Bylaws Committee, with the printing and distribution of the newly revised 2017 MOLES Handbook, which incorporated all of the national bylaw revisions.

On the heels of these many accomplishments, Mrs. Gallman ran for the office of National President of THE MOLES on June 17, 2017 and was elected, unanimously, to the post.

On behalf of her Sister Moles, Columbia Chapter President Cynthia M. Bennett applauded Gallman’s ascension. “The Columbia Chapter of THE MOLES is extremely proud of and takes great pleasure in Mole Jodi’s honor to serve as the 19th National President of THE MOLES.  She has been a strong leader within our chapter, having served as Chapter President, Vice President and Parliamentarian. We know that, under her leadership, our National organization will move to the next level of greatness. As National President, she will lead the way and we will continue to support her as her home chapter of MOLE Sisters.”  Under her leadership, verve and vision THE MOLES will experience growth in chapters, membership and direction.

As the first national president from South Carolina, Gallman reflected,” I am humbled by the overwhelming support and love shown during my efforts to lead this great organization. I extend a special thanks to our two MOLES chapters in Charleston and Greenville who collectively have embraced my campaign.”

President Gallman, a Hartsville native, is married to Burnett W. Gallman M.D. They have one daughter, Khali Abria Gallman.



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