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Former Richland County Jail Director Set to Return to Head Facility

(RICHLAND PIO) – Nearly a year after resigning as head of Richland County’s Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, Ronaldo Myers will return to the post he held for 13 years leading the nearly 1,150-bed facility on Bluff Road.

County Administrator Gerald Seals informed members of the Richland County Council of the decision this week. Myers, currently serving as head of a regional jail system in Virginia, is scheduled to resume the jail director position in Richland County on April 2.

“The leadership skills and institutional knowledge Mr. Myers gained throughout his professional career with Richland County are extremely valuable,” Seals said. “He knows first-hand aspects of various positions at the facility and he understands the crucial role the detention center has in maintaining public safety.”

When Myers resigned in 2017, Seals said his departure would leave a knowledge gap that would be difficult to fill as the jail faces longstanding and new challenges that require prompt action, including gang-related activity, housing detainees addicted to opioids and filling more than 100 vacancies to ensure the jail is staffed adequately. In addition, strong leadership is necessary to usher in the 20-year capital improvement plan for the center approved by County Council.

Seals maintained communication with Myers, who agreed to provide input and advice as the County searched for a new jail director. When the County passed its self-imposed October 2017 deadline for filling post, Seals began asking Myers about his interest in returning to the Richland County jail where he worked his way up the ranks during a 36-year career.

“I look forward to returning to Richland County,” Myers said. “I have gained additional knowledge while working in Virginia over the past year. I thank Mr. Seals for maintaining the lines of communication after I left Richland County.”

Interim Director Shane Kitchen, will resume his position as second in command. He was named to the interim post in March 2017, a few months after leaving Newberry County to join Richland County.

“That Mr. Kitchen was able to step in and take on the top leadership role speaks highly of his skills and the value he brings to the detention center specifically and Richland County as a whole,” Seals said. “I’m excited that he will continue his career with Richland County, working with Mr. Myers to improve the facility for employees and detainees.”

The detention center, located off Bluff Road in Lower Richland, houses on average each day about 800 detainees, consisting of people arrested in the unincorporated areas and the municipalities in the County. In addition to 1,120 beds for adults, the facility also has 24 beds for juveniles.


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