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Published on February 28th, 2017 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Dr. Isaiah Davis, Sr. Makes Legacy Gift to MUSC Foundation

Pictured above: Dr. Deborah J. Davis, Dr. Melissa Davis, Dr. Isaiah Davis, Jr. and Dr. Isaiah Davis, Sr.

As a part of his estate planning, Dr. Isaiah Davis, Sr., DDS, made the Medical University of South Carolina Foundation the owner and beneficiary of his life insurance policy while continuing to use the policy as an asset during his life. The policy will endow scholarships for students desiring to attend MUSC and allow others the opportunity to further their education.

Dr. Davis, a graduate of MUSC, 1982, received a similar gift as a student of the College of Dental Medicine of MUSC. This legacy gift was prompted by the tremendous educational opportunities that MUSC afforded Dr. Davis and his entire immediate family.

His wife, Deborah J. Davis, MD, 1982, is an obstetrician/gynecologist who recently retired as Director of Women’s Health Services at Eau Claire Community Health Center. The Davises have passed on their genes for success to their two children.

Their daughter, Dr. Melissa Davis, MD, 2009, like her mother pursued a career in medicine and is currently an assistant Professor of Radiology at the Yale School of Medicine. She is board certified in general and neuroradiology and will also receive an MBA in May, 2017, from the Yale School of Management.

Their son, Dr. Isaiah Davis, Jr., DDS, 2012, like his father pursued a career in dentistry and ultimately joined his father’s practice, which is one of the largest African American Dental Practices in South Carolina, with thirty (30) employees and an active patient base numbering 30,000.

Dr. Davis, Sr., attended Booker T. Washington High, where he was student body president and lettered in track and field, and credits his late mother, Rosa Davis, with his drive to succeed. He was first in his family to graduate from college and professional school.

The Davises have encouraged their children to be active in the community and to always give back. To that end, Dr. Melissa Davis, MD, has worked in outlining areas of Africa providing medical care to individuals and support to area hospitals. While a resident at UNC Chapel Hill she set up a program that started radiology support and protocols at a hospital in Malawi.

Dr. Isaiah Davis, Jr., DDS, mentors young students in Columbia and volunteers numerous hours giving free dental care to indigent patients.

In addition to committing some of their personal assets to MUSC, the Davises have also sponsored a statewide campaign to fund and endow the McTear Scholarship at MUSC. One of this family’s primary goals is to raise funds to provide financial support for underrepresented students. Also, both Dr. Isaiah Davis, Sr., DDS, and Dr. Deborah J. Davis, MD, have mentored dental and medical students throughout their careers. Dr. Davis has employed many recently graduated African American dentists in his dental practice giving them advice and guidance on establishing their own practices.

Many adjectives can be used to describe this dynamic family; trailblazers, pioneers, benefactors and mentors, but the word servant more accurately embodies the essence of this exceptional family.

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  1. MaLinda Johnson says:

    Wow! I am so proud of my doctor! That’s right I work for Dr. Davis and I know firsthand how wonderful this man is. What a blessing. Paying it forward. Well done Dr Davis!

  2. Jackie Renee says:


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