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BHS Environmental Studies Host Unlimited School for Hands-On Science Students

BLYTHEWOOD – The BHS Environmental Studies classes hosted 25 K-7th grade students from the Unlimited School for Hands-On Science recently. The students participated in a tour through the acreage surrounding BHS, identifying different plants and trees.

Malottis Davis, a 2007 BHS graduate and current teacher at UHS, wanted to share her high school experience with her students and organized the visit with BHS Environmental Students teacher Michael Varnadore.

The students from both schools bonded quickly and enjoyed their hour-long walk through the woods, according to Varnadore.

“This was a great Community Service Project,” Varnadore said. “So, all in all, it goes back to the adage: TEACHERS do make a difference! We don’t see it all at once, but for someone who graduated in 2007 to remember me and what we did and want to share that experience with her students means something. Teachers need to remember that students watch and hear everything. From little nuances, to spoken tone, and yes even learning experiences — good and bad. We have a great district that allows me to be creative in what I teach, and well, I guess the end result is things like this tour.”

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