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Published on April 20th, 2017 | by Millennium Magazine Staff


Bernard Jackson: “Shades of an Artist”

Bernard was enormously well respected as both a Fine and Commercial Artist in his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. After earning a degree from Benedict College, Bernard later pursued a Masters degree in Fine Art. Bernard also traveled to Detroit, Michigan and finally to New York City. Frustrated as a starving artist, Bernard diverted his career and went into the film industry as a Scenic Artist. He worked on more than thirty major motion pictures and still continues to do film work in his spare time. Upon the completion of two very successful films, Strictly Business and Malcolm X, Bernard went back into the studio. He moved to New Jersey and opened Gallery 61, a successful establishment in the heart of the Village of South Orange.

The inspiration for many of Jackson’s earlier works came from his mother, his children, and his friend’s deep southern roots and the many images of the African-American community. His original and limited edition prints, and sculptures, expresses Bernard’s deeply cultured vision. He is the creator of several limited edition series including The Heritage Sculpture Edition©, and The Red Tricycle Series© (original oil paintings). Two of his most recent creations are The Indigo Series©, and the phenomenal new Jazz Legends©.

Bernard is a man of many shades. His belief in the human spirit is a resounding attribute of all his paintings. His vision ranges in shades from subtly to bold. Subtle in his sweet and gentle ways, and bold in his passionate images. He is the color of earth, illustrating his commitment to his roots, his background, and his heritage. His artwork will transport you through a spectrum of simplistic, yet complex exploration of life’s treasures. Bernard is a treasure to behold!

You can contact Bernard at 803-260-4006.


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